An immersive and sensory experience through art, science and technology that will make us reflect on our future and ask ourselves what kind of people are we becoming?

Art, science and technology come together in DES_ILUSIONES, the next exhibition that Est_Art gallery will host between March and May. A unique, immersive and sensory multidisciplinary project that will feature the participation of several national and international artists:

Nourathar, TONDOsmiling, Miguel Mas, Noé Serrano, Moon Armada, Fran Pérez Rus y Verónica Peña.

PLACE: The event will take place on 01/03/23 at 8 p.m., but it will be open to the public from 23/02/23. (EST_ART SPACE, C/ La Granja 4, Alcobendas).

Eventos y Exposiciones Est-Art. Tador Roselló.

Decades ago technology, as we know it now, was not part of our lives; however, it was perceived that something was going to change with the television, the conquest of space, computers… A fascinating promise, renewing and full of opportunities was looming before us. Cyberspace, cyberculture, interactivity, global connection, the generation of images, digital sounds, artificial intelligence, robotics, the possibility of overcoming the limits of the body, etc., were about to become part of our daily life and language.
Could it be that what promised freedom has done nothing but chain us further? The title DES_ILUSIONS refers precisely to the link between those empty promises and their failure, to witness how those great challenges of colonizing the Solar System or ending world hunger, to give just a few examples, have faded with time.
It is true that scientific and technological advances are key to understanding the aesthetics of our century, and that science and technology have always evolved together throughout history, but what about art? In some ancient cultures there was a single word to express the three concepts in one. Aristotle defined art (tekne) as any human production that can create a reality that did not exist before. In fact, culture is a whole where art is mixed with these matters.
Since ancient times, the human being has used all the tools at his disposal for the creation of his works. If we go back to the 15th and 16th centuries and look at the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, the quintessential example of the Renaissance and the integration of all disciplines, we see that at the artistic level we are witnessing a second Renaissance, as many artists combine several disciplines (biology, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, etc.) in the same work. This is the case of the work of NourathaR, TONDOsmiling, Miguel Mas, Fran Pérez Rus, Noé Serrano, Moon Armada and Verónica Peña, who will make us reflect not on what the computer will be like in the future, but to make us ask ourselves: What will we be like? What kind of people are we becoming?



Nourathar, TONDOsmiling, Miguel Mas, Noé Serrano, Moon Armada, Fran Pérez Rus and Verónica Peña.


Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Arte, ciencia y tecnología. Autores participantes.
Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Fran Pérez Rus

Fran Pérez Rus

Visual artist specialized in digital media. Through his work he studies the relationship between human beings and technology, exploring the ecological and environmental tensions of today’s society. He develops his artistic activity from a transdisciplinary approach, through an open and transversal methodology, making use of the possibilities offered by technology in its interweaving with art. By investigating the connection between the concepts of the physical and the digital, the natural and the artificial, the tangible and the intangible, his projects are shown as a contextual exercise where space is transformed to generate new perceptions. Virtual Playground™ proposes an environment of interaction for different entities, human or non-human, where to question the physicality of reality and the construction of space from a virtual perspective. The project presents a post-anthropocentric vision of space, so it aims to generate a scene where the human is displaced. In this way the proposal explores numerous questions about our conception of space, consciousness or the other.

Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Miguel Mas

Miguel Mas

With a background in biology, he decided to add his love for art to his scientific vision. In his work he integrates elements that remind us that life is a constant flow, but also full of imperceptible moments. His photography has as a common denominator using fluids, which give birth to living scenes, in movement, so that every shot is unrepeatable. The series “CELLS” represents the border between the organic and the inorganic. It is a journey through the origin of organisms, and a reminder that there are planes of reality that although we suppose simple, are extremely complex. A quiet and aesthetic world, but in movement, since the scenes, like life, are in constant expansion. Images that place us on the microscopic plane, with vibrant colors and textures that remind us of cellular structures, and that make us wonder if what we observe is real or not. If it has life, or not. And in this scenario of false appearances, of stillness and silence, we ask ourselves what life is.

Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Moon Armada

Moon Armada

Moon Armada is an audiovisual art project by Honest Kevin and Appias Albina focused on the creation of abstract musical instruments that emphasize experimentation, heterodoxy and esoteric aesthetics. It consists of handmade synthesizers encased in recycled dolls that generate a wide range of arpeggios, abstract sounds and special sound effects, making them unique and interactive pieces.

Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Noe Serrano

Noé Serrano

Noé Serrano’s hyperrealist sculptures look like creatures from ancient bestiaries. A set of fantastic and grotesque beings where human anatomy is hybridized with animality, and art with psychology and criticism. Obsessed by the skin, he carried out deep studies with resins that resulted in a material that looked like human skin. Because of this search for knowledge in his work, we also find certain legacies and parallels with the Renaissance, when forensic anatomical studies, advances in medicine and the first experiments began to proliferate. Like Leonardo Da Vinci and many other artists of that period, Noé Serrano uses real corpses for his anatomical studies, creating shocking creatures and impossible beings that seem to be the result of genetic scientific experiments or mutations.

Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Nonourathar


Nourathar Studio is a laboratory of artistic and technological creation, integrated by Caen Botto and Marta Rupérez, that explores the impact of technology on our perception, as well as the subjective nature of reality. The studio is dedicated to the development of experiences that explore and question the potential of emerging media. Nourathar’s work emerges from the hybrid space between creation and technological development. Their work moves in the liminal zone between the physical and the virtual, between the analog and the digital. They present installations and audiovisual devices that combine digital media, physical interaction and augmented reality with analog resources and obsolete technologies. Their interactive pieces invite users to explore the connections between the spectra of light, color and sound.

Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Tondosmiling


TONDOsmiling is a duo formed by Lucía Cristóbal Marín and Ramón López de Benito. Based in Germany and Spain respectively, they develop their work on and through the Web. They work only with existing materials on the Internet, proposing a critical review of the experience of image and communication in the post-Internet era, and focusing their attention on the individual’s ability to recognize themselves in a connected society that is changing our behaviors on a global level.

Eventos Est-Art. DES_ILUSIONES. Autores participantes. Veronica Peña

Verónica Peña

Verónica Peña explores the absence, the separation and the search for harmony through action art. Her performative installations combine underwater submersion and processes of visual metamorphosis to talk about global issues and alternative presents. In her piece, “The Body In The Substance”, the artist submerges herself fully into a tank of liquid that is progressively altered towards coagulation. During the performance, the audience witnesses a process of visual metamorphosis of the submerged human body in its search for stillness and unity. The immersion is also accompanied by a sound that floods the room, creating an immersive audiovisual experience in which each breath becomes a discovery of the unknown, an act of hope, a healing balm for pain…


The exhibition will be open from February 23 to May 6, 2023. During this period, Est_Art will host performances, round tables, conferences and several activities that the gallery will be announcing through its usual channels and social networks.

  • 01/03/23 at 8pm. Inaugural event, encounter with the artists, cocktail tasting and DJ session.
  • 11/03/23 at 5pm. Afternoon cocktail and performance “The body in the substance” by Verónica Peña at 7 pm.
  • 25/03/23 at 5pm cocktail afternoon and at 6pm “ResetEOCC” experimental concert by the group EOCC; Sincrosemias (visual music in real time by Nourathar; and Show performance with Moon Armada. The rest of the activities will be announced through the social networks of the gallery and the usual channels.


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