Comisariada por Joan Feliu y Adrián Feliu

Countdown to the Opening!








EST_ART Space Gallery hosts under the title “We are all contingent” two generations of Feliu, who have gathered more than a dozen renowned artists in a collective exhibition on absurdity that will take place between the months of February and March.

🎨✨ Discover “We are all contingent” on February 14 at EST_ART Space. Joan Feliu and Adrián Feliu, curators of this exhibition, invite us to explore the absurdity of life through experience and innovation, the old and the new school, aiming to generate a lighthearted result that borders on the incomprehensible.

Based on this premise, this collective exhibition is constructed, contextualized through a story written by the curators narrating the tale of José Amurrio, a septuagenarian from Correpoco, Spain, who decides to run with the bulls in Pamplona out of spite for the name of his city. His wife Maribel convinces him to travel to London, where a series of implausible events, such as the instigation to the unrestrained purchase of bargains, various coincidences, and the presence of several Hemingways, lead to José being gored in the right thigh while buying cheeses. Faced with the butterfly effect of all these events, José simply declares: “we are all contingent.”

We look forward to seeing you at EST_ART Space! 🎉 #WeAreAllContingent #ContemporaryArt #ESTARTSpace #ArtisticExperience

🗓️ Exhibition Date: 14/02/2024 starting at 8:00 PM

📍 Location: Est_Art Space Gallery. La Granja Street No. 4, Alcobendas

🎟️ Admission: Free and open to the public.