SCULTO -STAND S7 - 28Nov to 1Dic - Logroño
Est_Art - AWARENESS Project

Est_Art estará en Sculto 2019 (Feria especializada en Escultura Contemporánea), que se celebra del 28 Nov al 1 Dic, con las obras de Tamara Jacquin y Marian Calvorrey, dos mujeres que a través de sus piezas nos hablan del presente, de conciencias y reflexiones a través de sus obras instalativas que hemos conjugado en el proyecto AWARENESS. Est_Art will be at Sculto 2019 (Fair specialized in Contemporary Sculpture), held from Nov 28 to Dec 1, with the works of Tamara Jacquin and Marian Calvorrey, two women who through their pieces tell us about the present, consciousness and reflections through their installation works that we have conjugated in the AWARENESS project.


ANIMAL FARM. Taking Animal Conscience.
OPENING – 25th September – 20.00h

An exhibition* that under the gaze of 11 artists shows different perspectives on the animal world. A wide range of styles, where we face criticism and praise to some living beings with whom we live, sometimes with admiration, care and affection, and other with persecution, pain and extermination.



Toni Marmota is an author of comic, painter, illustrator, photographer, video artist,... multidisciplinary artist belonging to the cultural movement "La Movida", multiple aspects that he combines with music as a bassist of the group La Frontera.

On Wednesday July 11th he will be doing his next live mural at Est_Art, an event open to the public from 11.30am to 13.30 and from 16.30 to 18.30. There is nothing like seeing the process of creation live, being able to converse with its author and contemplating 360º art from the blank wall to the final performance. +info

A FOREST - Opening 26 June - 20.00h

Natural parks, memory groves, inherited forests, built thicknesses... all this forms the internal and external branches that we inhabit. Trees that intertwine stories and 7 authors that materialize them in "A forest": David Catá, Rocío Verdejo, María Pujol, Jesús Rocandio, Mª Antonia Gª de la Vega, Cáliz Pallarés y Fernando Marcos.


8 June - 12.00h - Puppet Show
Please confirm - Recommended function from 3 years old


"The farm" itself is a very particular place, especially to claim forms, treatment and respect. Everything is most diverse on this farm. Three very special chickens live here. Elsa loves studying, singing and reading, but she has always wanted to be a magnificent aunt. Cocorita and Colorada, two hens that seem rivals, but are very united in their tastes and in wanting to have many children.


Wednesday 29 at 20.00h Introduction of the poetry book OTHER LANGUAGES

From the collaboration of 2 Argentinean poets borns the poetry book OTRAS LENGUAS, in which Inés Aráoz provides the texts and Mercedes Roffé the photographs, generating a book of double poetry: the one of the texts and the one of the images (Editorial Palabrava, Colección Anamnesis, Santa Fe).


Wednesday 22nd May 20.00h - Speech: Esther Ortego, resurrecting from forgetfulness.

Esther Ortego, forgotten plastic artist, comes to light again, to show us her strong painting, full of emotions. His timeless images palpitate in our days, and display the emotional geography of women, their perplexities, anxieties and joys in all their diversity and richness.


Est_Art joins the fight against gender violence on May 16

THURSDAY May 16 will take place in Est_Art an event that becomes part of the ongoing exhibition "Ok! March has passed, and now what? ... Feminart". Until the 8th of June there will be talks, presentations and shows that deal with subjects related to women, trying to sensitize and help to improve equality and respect, discovering unjustly forgotten artists, or raising awareness from the hand of experts on how to combat the problem of gender violence. And it is precisely a subject as unfortunately relevant and worrying as this one that we are going to dedicate the afternoon of May 16.


8 MAY - 20.00h CONFERENCE:
"Damned and forgotten artists"
Speaker: Silvia Casasola

As part of the cycle of events scheduled in the "Ok! March has passed, and now what?.... FEMINART".

Since 2009, journalist Silvia Casasola has carried out the section `Women with Historia´ in the programme `La Rosa de los Vientos´ Onda Cero Radio which she has been directing since 2007. She is the author of the books `Fuerza and honor´ and `El valor es cosa de mujeres´. In this conference she focuses her expert perspective on women sculptors and painters who left a deep mark on the history of Art and who, to this day, are unknown to the majority of the public.


FEMINART OPENING - 10 April 20.00h

With the exhibition FEMINART Est_Art it is distanced from the month of March to emphasize that it is necessary to give to the woman in the world of the Art the visibility that corresponds to her the remaining 11 months of the year, in fact the complete title of the exhibition is: "Ok! March has passed, and now what?.... FEMINART".

An exhibition that pretends to be inclusive and to bet on equality, it means that is not closed to the participation of "men artists" who work on the theme of women. We are convinced that the way to achieve progress is through equality, support and synergies joining forces among all, women and men.



On Saturday 30 March we invite you to a talk + screening of the piece "Because of You, Because I Love You" by Gabriel Andreu + Q&A (questions and answers)

A tribute to her mother Amelia Andreu, who on her 80th birthday makes us realize the women of her generation who were the support and drive of society, but invisible by a patriarchal society.



On the 24th of March at 11.45h we will have a guided tour in which we will have the presence of many of the artists who make up IN-HERENCE, they will tell us about their work, their motivations, their technique...

You will be able to exchange opinions with them and enjoy their pieces contrasting your gazes with those of their creators.



In the middle of a whirlwind of fairs we have chosen to put all our efforts in Est_Art and open the doors of our house.

We are a hybrid between what we live and what we inherit, what surrounds us filtering through our pores to mimetize it with our thoughts, ideology, body ... and the legacies that we carry genetically in the personal, geographical, or social.

Everything conforms the Inherent and the Inheritance.

With these tools we build universes, we portray environments, we write our inner self and we project our entity.

An exhibition that brings together the work of 10 artists, transmitting their intrinsic worlds through painting, photography, illustration, engraving and sculpture:


"Anthology Maps"

Personal poetic geography through travel, Veronica chooses geodesies as a major pretext for being all places.

Nine parts that clear paths by tracing their internal maps, cartographies of the body, making use of their worlds: universes built by assembling flights and much, much literary fecundity.


We will be delighted if you come and share with us start´19 Sculpture Network, the international celebration of sculpture and contemporary art in 3 dimensions.

We are the only headquarters in Madrid that joins to the spaces of the 21 countries participating in this event.



We have been working step by step to turn Est_Art from a dream and a hope into a real Art Space, where the authors talk, show, propose and incite anyone who wants to visit us, creating a synergy in which Art feeds people and people feed Art.
Est_Art is part of Granja4, a Multi-proposal Space born from the perspective of a new concept of living, experimenting, innovating, sharing, enjoying and spreading Art, located in a warehouse in the northern area of Madrid.


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