ANIMAL FARM. Taking Animal Conscience.

OPENING – 25th September – 20.00h

An exhibition* that under the gaze of 11 artists shows different perspectives on the animal world. Through them we would like to reflect on the problems of the extinction of species, the suffering of confinement, the treatment of greyhounds, animal identities applied to human beings and vice versa, make them protagonists of illustrations, or simply contemplate the beauty based on them.

A wide range of styles, where we face criticism and praise to some living beings with whom we live, sometimes with admiration, care and affection, and other with persecution, pain and extermination.

* Charitable exhibition. A % of the sales will be donated to the foundation Chimpatía (Rainfer) and to the sanctuary Wings of Heart.



STEFANO GENTILE - (Milan) - Painter – Pop, Surrealist - Raises his concern about degradation and human intrusion into animal habitats worldwide.

ESTELA DE CASTRO - (Madrid) - Photographer – Zoocosis Series - Animals that live inside models engineered by man as a "reproduction" of their habitat, cruel enclosures that lead to animals developing the disease of zoocosis - The pain of animals.

LUIS FEO - (Toledo) – Painter - Drawing, Realism - Expert in the use of airbrush and graphite. In his works he draws and also discovers the light that hides from the black, presenting us insects, birds, mammals, animal skeletons or cockfights.

MIGUEL VALLINAS - (Medina del Campo, Valladolid) - Photographer - Second skins Series - Tells us about human identity through individuals with animal heads, or humanized animals, after all, animals in each and every one of us.

JAIME DE LA TORRE - (Badajoz) - Illustrator - Realism - Illustrator specialized in making pen drawings in negative, leaving in the hands of the spectator that by using their mobile phones and an App, when capturing their work discover the positive image. Their animals provide us with two sides of the same coin.

PEDRO LÍNDEZ - (Úbeda, Jaén) - Painter - Realism - The protagonists of his work are the greyhounds, an animal represented since Roman times, synonymous of stylism and speed. But every year 50,000 are murdered or abandoned in our country because they are no longer useful in races or hunting.

ANGEL CAÑAS - (Madrid) - Sculptor - Figurative, Realism - Sculpture made with recycled tires, adapting the drawing to the strokes of the sculpture. Joining two areas of awareness, on the one hand respect for animals and on the other reflection on recycling.

FERNÁNDO SUÁREZ - (Oviedo) - Sculptor - Figurative - Iron and bronze. He presents some of his large-format pieces, which through metallic crossroads give way to animal forms.

TONI MARMOTA - (Aranda del Duero, Burgos) - Illustrator, muralist, musician - Underground comic - Bassist of La Frontera - Works with thick, fluid and casual strokes, on this occasion starring a cast of animals.

FRANCISCO CARMENA - (Toledo) - Painter - Surrealist - Emerging artist who presents his approach to species in extinction, a vision of a surrealist future in which after destroying the planet the animals have been forced to mutate.

KRISTINA STUOKAITE - (Panevezys, Lithuania) - Illustrator - Realism - Every detail of her works is loaded with fantasy, generating animal protagonists who tell us about very human social problems.

ANIMAL FARM - 25 September to 16 November - Est_Art



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