Art to defeat the Covid-19.

20% of the sales will go to IdiPAZ (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria del Hospital Univ. La Paz)

From Est_Art we want to send you a message of encouragement and send you a big hug, we would like to know that you are well, and tell you that we trust that this terrible situation that we are living has not affected your families, or if not your loved ones have managed to overcome the situation successfully and are recovered.

We also want to tell you that we hope to be able to meet you soon, that we miss you and that we will do our best to ensure that the exhibition About Africa, which you liked so much, will be here waiting for you with open arms, so that you can continue to enjoy the work of the nine wonderful artists that make it up, so that their works can once again feel your glances, hear your murmurs, feel your footsteps wandering among them, in short, continue with the great acceptance with which the exhibition began, and which this terrible pandemic has nipped in the bud, and ask you not to forget about Art.

Meanwhile Est_Art and the artists who form About Africa, we join together to do our best to bring art to you with the resources we have at our disposal, and we also want to help through Art to speed up as much as possible the end of this pandemic.That's why 20% of the money collected through the sale of the pieces that make up About Africa will go to IdiPAZ (Health Research Institute of the La Paz University Hospital). You can download the dossier with all the information about the pieces in case any of them is of interest to you, and join the effort of the artists and Est_Art in the fight against Covid-19, and join forces in support of Art.

Download dossier About Africa


To purchase a work of art, please contact Est_Art by e-mail at or by calling these numbers 916610818 / +34686363852, to make a note of your choice and provide you with the different ways to make payment.

If you would like to see the works live, please contact us to schedule a private visit.

Thank you very much for everything, lots of encouragement and a big hug.


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