Est_Art: It is part of EMG4, Multi-Proposals Space Granja 4 that is born under the prism of a new concept of living, experiencing, innovating, sharing and promoting the Art.

Located in an industrial warehouse strategically located in the north of the outskirts of Madrid, we have more than 1,500m2 where the authors present their works and the public discovers. Creating that synergy in which Art feeds people and people feed Art. Generating a "normalization of Art", where the usual thing is that any discipline is part of our daily life as something close and affordable; eradicating the idea that to acquire, contemplate or enjoy the Art we have to find the right moment.

A heterogeneous route with a wide and careful selection of artists, disciplines and curated projects, with the presence of more than 20 authors.


Room 1: Photography, sculpture, painting and graphic work in small / medium format.

Room 2: Large format pieces, projections, events, engraving workshop and photography set



Art as an everyday thing. Break the idea of the Museum or Gallery as cold and aseptic space.

Educational function. Put art in value and make the public understand that from them depends on the cultural legacy of the XXI century.

Sale of artworks, workshops, monographs, round tables, presentations, book presentation, guided tours for schools ...

Engine of creation: We bet on living artists who are producing artworks today. Open to proposals and cultural synergies, encouraging boost the current landscape that  contemporary art lives.

Generate Cultural Leisure: Reconciling family time, conceiving the union between fun and culture, with experiences and learning around the Art.

New reference in the current scene of the Circuit of Art that offers the Community of Madrid, especially in the north zone.

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