Wednesday 22nd May 20.00h - Speech: Esther Ortego, resurrecting from forgetfulness.

Esther Ortego, forgotten plastic artist, comes to light again, to show us her strong painting, full of emotions. His timeless images palpitate in our days, and display the emotional geography of women, their perplexities, anxieties and joys in all their diversity and richness.

Her work, part of which is exhibited at Est_Art, is of unquestionable artistic quality deserving to be compiled and enjoyed by society.

However, like Esther Ortego, many artists end up on the margins of the art system.

Where does forgotten art go?

Are the works of the disappeared artists still alive?

Why do these deep amnesiacs occur so often in the case of women artists, who grow old or die and their work remains silent?

Oceánida intends to rescue these legacies, immersed in the sea of indifference.



María Jesús Aragoneses Cañas, BBAA graduate, doctorate, President of Oceánida.

Carlota Cuesta, plastic artist and friend of Esther Ortego.

Cruz del Valle, Psychologist, Vice-President of Oceánida.



Presentation of Esther Ortego's work

Oceánida rescues Esther Ortego.

Open discussion about Esther Ortego's work and forgetfulness in the field of art

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