With the exhibition FEMINART Est_Art it is distanced from the month of March to emphasize that it is necessary to give to the woman in the world of the Art the visibility that corresponds to her the remaining 11 months of the year, in fact the complete title of the exhibition is: "Ok! March has passed, and now what?.... FEMINART".


An exhibition that pretends to be inclusive and to bet on equality, it means that is not closed to the participation of "men artists" who work on the theme of women. We are convinced that the way to achieve progress is through equality, support and synergies joining forces among all, women and men.


Est_Art begins with this first edition of FEMINART a proposal that will be repeated each year, changing the month in which it will be held but always excluding the month of March. We believe it is vital to give voice and presence to Women's Art in a big way, so we have brought together more than 40 artists in the 1.500m2 of surface enabled to host works in Est_Art.


Betting on equality and horizontality we do not want to highlight just a few names, so here you have the complete list of participating artists:

Ana Minerva, Ana Olano, Ana Tornel, Beatriz Palomero, Cecilia de Lassaleta, Cristina Mayo, Elena Jiménez, Encarnación Domingo, Estella Belle, Esther Ortego, Eva González Morán, Gracia Leceta, Indiana Forti, Isabel Sevillano, Lucía Pérez Prat, Maite Ortega, Mari Carmen Díaz, Marián Calvo-Rey, Mariasun Salgado, Marina Gadea, Masago, MasauR, Mercedes Andreu, Mho, Natalia Pastor, Prado de Fata, Rosa Maroto, Saskia Moro, Soledad Pulgar, Sonia Cardunets, Tamara Jacquin, Teresa Esteban, Tola Castillo, Verónica Mar, Verónica Ruth Frías, Adolfo Alcaide, Andrés del Collado, César Osorio, David Barrera, Enrique González, Gabriel Andreu, Gonzalo Sáez Díaz-Merry, Manuel Capón y Mono Cieza

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