We are a hybrid between what we live and what we inherit, what surrounds us filtering through our pores to mimetize it with our thoughts, ideology, body ... and the legacies that we carry genetically in the personal, geographical, or social.

Everything conforms the Inherent and the Inheritance.

With these tools we build universes, we portray environments, we write our inner self and we project our entity.

An exhibition that brings together the work of 10 artists, transmitting their intrinsic worlds through painting, photography, illustration, engraving, jewelry and sculpture:










Ana Tornel - Pays tribute to the legacy of wet collodion by generating portraits that convey the essence of a patient and delicate photography.

Veronica Mar - Reflects her essence as a human being and the nature that surrounds her in both her sinuous sculptures and her jewelry designs.

Marian Calvorrey - Fragments of life and reflections exteriorized through painting, textures, or installations, where the figure of the woman becomes the protagonist.

Cristina Mayo - Internal gears that house precision and detail under the disciplines of illustration and engraving.

Mono Cieza - Creatures that tell us tales composed of dreams and nightmares, take us to the reflective and internal universe of the author.

Enrique González - He drinks from the heritage of the classics to reinterpret them in his paintings, providing them with contemporary brushstrokes.

David Barrera - Internationally recognized tattooist and muralist, he captures his closest surroundings in his painting through brushstrokes guided by the realism of his own experiences.

Jorge Soto - In his engravings he narrates the search for self-recognition through landscapes that relate the individual with his memory, his body..., and link the person with his present.

Francisco Carmena - Emerging artist who reflects in his paintings on the future that we will leave in inheritance to nature.

Miguel Ángel López - An inner world inherent to fantasy speaks to us of the search for a place called home.


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