Wednesday 29 at 20.00h Introduction of the poetry book OTHER LANGUAGES

From the collaboration of 2 Argentinean poets borns the poetry book OTRAS LENGUAS, in which Inés Aráoz provides the texts and Mercedes Roffé the photographs, generating a book of double poetry: the one of the texts and the one of the images (Editorial Palabrava, Colección Anamnesis, Santa Fe). 

I am never as aware of the illusory nature of our world as I am when I handle the materiality of language. And that is perhaps the reason for my writing: to get the word to cease in its worldliness in order to enter, clumsily perhaps, into what does not appear, "before", glimpses of music, musical spatiality to which I would have liked to have been able to peep out, in my first youth, through the piano or the viola. If there were a voice in me - the one I seek - it would be that of singing, of music, more than deciding, pure action, graceful. How much I would give to achieve the grace of a free act, the wings of a poem.

Inés Aráoz


I appeal to photography as a way of framing fragments of reality which, without denying the circumstance from which they come, would be said to be taken from a painting by Beate Wheeler, Tapiès or Clifford Still. My work tends to an estrangement that turns the scene into a scenography, a gaze that points to abstraction that becomes intelligible from its dialogue with some avatar already clearly inscribed in the future of the arts.

Mercedes Roffé

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