An abstract interdisciplinary work of 56' - Passes: 24 and 27 January

LRM LOCUS at 19:00h, we will be able to enjoy an interdiciplinary work inspired by the visual culture of Hong Kong, image, movement and sound in 22 actions.27th of January at 20:00h and on the 24th of January. On the Est_Art in KOWLOON presents their show

This interdisciplinary collective breaks down the classifications of Art's doctrines, immerses us in a distant culture where images of works by sculptor and architect Gordon Matta-Clark or filmmaker Tsai Ming-Liang are intertwined in their staging.

A visual, auditory and movement work; light, analogical projections, direct multi-channel sound and pre-recorded, generate an atmosphere that invites us to get lost in it and enjoy it.

Once the show is over, a wine will be offered.

Free activity until full capacity.

Attention to schedules that change depending on the day!

Wednesday 24 January´18 - 20.00h

Saturday 27th January´18 - 19.00h

The title refers to the walled city of Kowloon in Hong Kong, which was demolished in 1994 and is now the Kowloon Walled City Park. It was originally created in the 17th century as a fortress, later becoming a Chinese enclave within the British territory. It began to grow after the Second World War, gradually turning into a labyrinth of constructions, one on top of the other, densely populated, with improvised infrastructures creating a dense web of pipelines, cables, pipes and hoses; a constantly dripping mass through which the sunlight barely reached the lower part.

LRM Locus is not interested in conceptual or narrative art, so the piece is not telling or representing the history of the walled city. Our work looks for emotions without intermediaries, therefore it avoids the narration by including as many influences as possible, carefully assembled to generate emotions

If you want to know more about Kowloon adn LRM-locus click Here








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