Est_Art will present at Hybrid the project IMBUED LANDSCAPES, from February 23rd to 25th at Petite Palace Santa Barbara Hotel.
Extrinsic and intrinsic landscapes, generated in the horizon, in the body or in the soul, ways of seeing what we keep silent until we make it our own and shout it to the world. 
We are unique character, idea and thought, a sieve that unravels feelings and perspectives. 
Persuaded by events, suggested by invisible threads that cling us to specific realities that generate our landscapes imbued.

Est_Art in Hybrid is represented by:
MasauR – Soledad Pulgar - Tamara Jacquín 
Jorge Regueira - Manuel Capón Mouriz - Daniel Domingo Schweitzer.

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MasauR - Proyecto: Compelled landscapes - Paisajes obligados
Internal landscapes that arrive unannounced, settling without consensus, causing unexpected twists and turns that impose a modification of our own horizon. Our cardinal points are distorted, and we are forced to face other perspectives. 
Configurations that a forced monotony transforms into renewed approaches and unfolds a new range of possibilities. Unlearn to look, to rediscover that there is underneath a painted surface of uncertainty. 
In short, to trace new landscapes.






Soledad Pulgar - Proyecto: Paisajes efímeros
The landscapes are imbued with the author's personality, with his way of looking, perceiving and interpreting his surroundings, we generate unique images sifted by our particular vision. But as authors, we are not exempt from this surrounding power of the context in which we are submerged, places that have the capacity to transmit concepts or feelings to us as spectators, which are a shock for the eye that observes an everyday life altered by our fellow human beings.







Tamara Jacquín - Proyecto: Espectros
Imbued yourself in the landscape or imbued the landscape in yourself. A round-trip game. Is my body a swallowed landscape or a vomited landscape? Skin silhouettes, meat deformations, forbidden desires, ineffable and apotheosic. The body, curious territory from where thick feelings emerge!
To immerse oneself in the landscapes of memory, the landscapes of the body, the landscapes of time. To contemplate the subtle difference between my sensed self, my reclaimed self and my observed self.






Jorge Regueira - Proyecto: Paisajes narrados
Possible and impossible. Suggested, found, appropriate, imagined. They are scenes arising from the reflection of the environment, the near and far, assumed, decoded and decomposed, and reconstructed. Or perhaps, directly, by oneself imagined, dreamt, fantasized. But always incapable of being totally removed from your external world, your experiences. 
Everything influences you, and you can't stop everything from leaving its mark on the landscape, on your inner world, which then, through the magic of artistic creation, will cease to be so, and will no longer be your private world. He'll be exposed to all eyes. Although, of course, you will continue to treasure the secrets of his creation.






Manuel Capón Mouriz - Proyecto: Intervenciones reales
The surroundings of the Ledesma river that Carlos III imbued with his vision of fishing and nature itself, allow me in this photographic essay entitled "Real Interventions" to recreate the alterations made by man and reflect on them through different photographic series as a paradigm of nature, recovering its space again.







Daniel Domingo Schweitzer - Proyecto: Entrelíneas
In my work I constantly reflect on What is space? How we generate it from the body and personal experiences. It is a problem that I tackle with the help of fractal geometry, as a means to construct space and above all, to use it as another plastic element.
On this occasion, linking the problems raised with my research, I think it is pertinent to ask the following question. Is space a necessary element so that there can be landscape, understanding it as a framework that welcomes it? Do we not create new landscapes for the mind?

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