SEVEN 4 ARTS - Group Exhibition

OPENING 20 JUNE ´at 20.00h

On this occasion Est_Art in collaboration with A Place for Art hosts "SEVEN 4 ARTS", from June 20th you can enjoy in its installations an eclectic exhibition that is structured around 7 authors and 4 disciplines.

SEVEN 4 ARTS is in short 7 authors with 7 views of current issues and concerns that move from the most intimate stratum to the playful wink, approached by means of 4 different technical languages to be presented to the spectator.



Lucía Espinós Bermejo dibujos de trazo continuo que gestan un homenaje a escritoras, poetas o filósofas, unos “retratos que se hablan a si mismos” y nos desgranan la feminidad, el discurso complejo que las define y el arte de la supervivencia, ellas escondidas por la historia emergen para dejar de ser damas injustamente olvidadas.





Gonzalo Sáez Díaz-Merry downloads into his brushes a pop style with a high symbolic content, decontextualizing icons of today's society to force them into a new dialogue among themselves, involving the spectator in a game of meanings and contradictions, giving him the complicity of taking it to his experiences and memories, so that author and spectator elaborate parallel narratives.











Estella Belle presents us in her work "Las efemérides" an invitation to reflect on the accelerated and obsolescent production that marks the rhythm of our lives where human relations are fragile and ephemeral, putting a counterpoint with her pieces made with materials impregnated with memory and identity forged over time, objects charged with history and links..







Elena Rodríguez Ichaso approaches dreams and worlds of her own through collage and digital photography. For her, Art turns us into gods who conceive and shape their creations from the purest state of consciousness, giving the imagination a status of power.







E de Pájaro is an emerging artist who models in her collages the multiplicity of the gaze before which each of us approaches the same universe. Her works are the result of the accumulation of images and photographs over time, which once segregated from their origin are interpolated to tell us about women, friendship, the present...…




Rebecca Uliczka in her work "Cash F[o]llow" talks about the conflict generated by facing a globalized fiction under the image of money, of a collective fantasy called the middle class that believes in excessive productivity, in the face of the reality of a world that shows its exhaustion and its limitations. The San Luis Potosi copper factory in Mexico stands as an icon of this dilemma.









Juan Francisco Gómez unfolds through photography the pages of a personal diary in which mental illness sets the tone of memory. By avoiding the stigma and prejudices that society imposes around these conditions, "Réplica" confronts those moments when we are no longer ourselves, and opens a reflection on the elusive attitude of society to address the issue of mental health.




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