“(wherever I lay my hat)… THAT´S MY HOME”

Project curated for #Wearefair

This project analyzes, under the perspective of 5 artists, the ability to “adapt to the environment”, something they have to do when creating any piece of artwork. For personal reasons, they may have to turn any place or environment they come across into an improvised creative space, leaving the comfort of their studio.
MasauR, Andreas Strobel, Beatriz Castela & Jorge Gil and Soledad Pulgar, under the curatorship of Est_Art shows their personal approach to this philosophy in #Wearefair, something that Marc Augé called “non- places”, spaces of transcience, unstable situations where the artist finds the conditions to create.
Their projects, based on their personal experience


Her project is based on obsolete objects that shed beauty even from their condition of waste or exhausted materials. She creates metaphors of cities that emerge from light beams projected through molten fluorescent tubes, items forgotten in a corner of the place where she develops her activity, reflecting the attitude of not giving anything up for lost. Ultimately, they talk about never giving up.


The idea of perpetuation is trapped by the analog lenses of his cameras in places he discovers by wandering around, just walking wherever destiny directs his steps.
This wandering has led him to room 119 where he will recreate an architectural corner in which he will continue developing his analog work with any visitor who wishes to be immortalized.

THE SPACE I INHABIT Beatriz Castela & Jorge Gil

This joint artistic project started in 2012 and deals with various issues such as the habitation of places, the experience of space and the impact of our actions and activities on the environment, through a documentary record of the workplaces they have shared for over a decade, such as studios, rooms in houses and even hostels and hotels where they have developed their projects.

UNDERGROUND Soledad Pulgar

In recent months, the author, who loves open spaces, has been doomed to travel by underground, a practically unexplored territory for her. The long distances and the time spent in travelling have transformed her perception of the space changing it from something threatening to a comfort zone. The observation of the place, the people and the architectural landscape has led her to develop her particular vision.

The bathroom exhibits a joint project of MasauR, Andreas Strobel and Soledad Pulgar, that captures the intimate interpretation of each author around the iconic figure of the hat, "(wherever I lay my hat)..."
Several projections of the Est_Art space itself and video clips made by all the artists chosen as ambassadors of Est_Art will be exhibited in the room entrance hall.

Est_Art – Habitación 119 – We are Fair! - V26 17.00-02.00h - S27 12.00-2.00h - D28 12.0021.00h  Hotel Exe Central c/Mejía Lequerica, 10 (Madrid)



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