"The farm" itself is a very particular place, especially to claim forms, treatment and respect. Everything is most diverse on this farm.

Three very special chickens live here. Elsa loves studying, singing and reading, but she has always wanted to be a magnificent aunt. Cocorita and Colorada, two hens that seem rivals, but are very united in their tastes and in wanting to have many children.

Without realizing it, they get into crazy trouble, falling into an absurd rivalry, which gives Lobo an advantage. Luckily before an unexpected difficulty, they can reflect and change certain aspects of the farm, without impositions, without shouts, with respect and raising their children in equality.

In a sweet and endearing way, this show takes us in an agile and subtle style to these concepts, to change habits and customs of our environment, to dialogue and feel that things that have been done can always change, and that the union makes true friendship.

The group Arte fusion, since 1992, is the meeting point of professionals from the four cardinal points of art. Painting, sculpture, dance, music and theatre make up the mix of disciplines, of which Arte Fusion is nourished by the creation and constant evolution of its shows and workshops. Our aim is to encourage the creativity of the public through humor and a new expressive technique, in which the puppeteer joins completely to the puppet, with his own body. By magic, the legs are transformed into palm tree, or the feet into a whole henhouse.

The theme of our works shows the cultural diversity, the need for the conservation of nature or having fun reading, always defending the Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Child.


National and international awards.

Prize for the best puppet show and best female performance 2010

Germany figurentheater festival Berlin - Potsdam July 2010


Semifinalist Arlyn Award 2016 with the show El Gran Sueño de El Greco

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