Scattered Poetry and 6 Loose Verses


Opening Thursday 13 December at 20.00 h.

Place - Est_Art - c/La granja 4 - Pol. Industrial - Alcobendas


Collective Exhibition - Davido Prieto, Soledad Pulgar, Tamara Jacquin, Jorge Regueira, Estella Belle, Annita Klimt and Natalia Romay

Program for the Opening - In addition to the exhibited works of these 7 artists we will enjoy:

SMALL HOMAGE TO AFORISM with Paula Díaz Altozano, Davido and other brave... Participative action.

CONCUERDAS - Performance that improvises in dialogue with the exhibited works through the interaction of dance and music. Sarah Gottlieb and Ivelice Brown (dance), Paloma Carrasco López (cello, movement) and Pepe Pereira (electronics).











S    c    a   t    t   e     r    e   d



“I used to think that if writing is facing a blank paper, when taking photographs I am facing a blurred world. Now I know that world is those same blank page full of hidden haikus and aphorisms.”

Davido Prieto










Davido presents "Scattered Poetry", a compendium of B&W photographs accompanied by lexical structures made up of haikus and aphorisms that become the skeleton of the images.

And 6 Loose Verses


  Soledad Pulgar - Tamara Jacquin - Jorge Regueira - Estella Belle - Annita Klimt - Natalia Romay









Soledad Pulgar - New photographic work about the collection of poems "The Flowers of Evil" by Charles Baudelaire.

Tamara Jacquin - The word wrapped by the fragility of silk in an intriguing installation. 

Jorge Regueira - Recent works and new formats that fuse calligraphy with inspiration drawn from literary works.

Estella Belle - Delicate reflections on the work "The Anti Oedipus" by the French philosophers Deleuze and Guattari.

Annita Klimt - Collage inspired by poetry, love fragments collected from ancient books.

Natalia Romay - Poetic collage that fuses analogical photography with words.


Poetry, words, literature, lyrics... give voice to this exhibition, cutting out landscapes, limiting thoughts, drawing rhythms, shredding stories.

And you... can I have your word?

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