Est_Art joins the fight against gender violence on May 16

THURSDAY May 16 will take place in Est_Art an event that becomes part of the ongoing exhibition "Ok! March has passed, and now what? ... Feminart". Until the 8th of June there will be talks, presentations and shows that deal with subjects related to women, trying to sensitize and help to improve equality and respect, discovering unjustly forgotten artists, or raising awareness from the hand of experts on how to combat the problem of gender violence. And it is precisely a subject as unfortunately relevant and worrying as this one that we are going to dedicate the afternoon of May 16.


It will begin at 7.30pm with the screening of "Plato frío", a short film of social denunciation about gender violence. Directed by David Cervera Sánchez, Assistant Director Borja Palazuelos and produced by The Other Side Films and Animals Group, which has received the Best Director Award at the Ibicine Short Film Festival.

Afterwards, there will be a discussion table with speakers who are experts in the fight against gender violence, such as: Adoración Orpez Lafuente, coordinator of the Casa de la Mujer and the attention point for victims of gender violence of the Alcobendas Town Hall; Humberto Cotillas, officer of Grupo Luna (specific unit against gender violence of the Alcobendas Local Police); Tamara Moreno, psychologist and director of the company 27 metas,  Belén Martín, lawyer, Themis (Association of jurist women) and Gloria López, inspector (Head of UFAM Alcobendas).

Thanks to them we will get to know their work, and we will learn how we should act, whether we are victims or witnesses of an act of gender violence; and after their interventions a time of consultations and questions will be opened, where the attending public will be able to participate.

We are waiting for you!

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