We will be delighted if you come and share with us start´19 Sculpture Network, the international celebration of sculpture and contemporary art in 3 dimensions.

We are the only headquarters in Madrid that joins to the spaces of the 21 countries participating in this event.


Est_Art Space, is located in c/La Granja 4 in Alcobendas, 10 km from Madrid (parking for customers; subway 1 minute from our location, L-10 station: La Granja)

A young space, with an exhibition area of more than 1,500 m2, in which culture, art, creativity and diffusion go hand in hand.


The sculptors participating in SCULPTURE NETWORK at Est_Art are:


Diego Canogar - He transforms metal tubes, sheets and rods into huge “graphites” with which he draws in the air his particular microcosm. His sculptures are like strokes in the air coexisting with the light they receive, reflect or even sometimes radiate, attracting the attention to the atmosphere surrounding them.









Daniel Domingo Schweitzer - A reflective sculptor who takes us to the construction of his world through intricate polyhedral paths, where the journeys emerge exploring an endless space. The body and the site converge in his pieces, inviting the viewer to analyze their metamorphosis.









Mono Cieza - Hybrid beings that ride between animal and human kingdom, between dreaming and nature, between tenderness and restlessness. Creatures that tell us tales composed of dreams and nightmares, take us to the reflective universe of the author .









Juan Carlos Ramos - specialized in the field of ceramics, he composes from the inside pieces that paradoxically combine sobriety and subtlety, combining an organic inspiration that drifts towards geometric extension. Works that require a careful observation to discover their different aspects, letting you feel their transmutation from a first visual impact of pure lines, to some innards of arduous complexity.









Sonia Cardunets - The figurative pieces of this sculptor transpire an air of calm, tranquility, enjoyment of the moment lived without the current whirlwind; stylized characters that rest, read, observe and invite the spectator to enter into this game of slowing down time .









Adolfo Alcaide - Sculptor devoted to the research of volumes, shaping materials based on his vital need for transforming the space by exploring a suggestive and abstract world.










César Osorio - The feminine world is a recurrent topic in his artworks in which the beauty surfaces through the wood or bronze coated with refined patinas.










Program 27 JANUARY - Sculpture Network at Est_Art

11.00 h. Opening
11.15 h. Welcome cocktail and brunch
11.30 h. Welcome video Sculpture Network.
12.00 h. Round table discussion on the situation of contemporary sculpture, with sculptors and authorities from the art world. Confirmed attendance of: Miguel Cereceda (critic), Belén Poole (coordinator of Art Center Alcobendas), Adolfo Autric (collector), Carlos Guerrero (director Arteinformado), Diego Canogar (sculptor) and Mono Cieza (sculptor).


Our intention is for it to be a close discussion table, where we all examine, chat and contrast opinions about sculpture today. Nothing very academic, nor distant, but it seems fundamental to us to listen to different perspectives and talk about problems (and who knows if solutions) that arise at the time of creating, disseminating, selling/buying... sculpture. And we are convinced that the professional assistants with their extensive experience can contribute heterogeneous and fundamental points of view, and therefore we will have a really interesting debate table.


Guided visit of the artists will talk about their works and the guests will be able to make consultations.

Parkour Live Exhibition: Overflying the Art.

The evening will be livened up with live music.

c/ La Granja 4 - Pol.Industrial Alcobendas - 91.661.08.18 -

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