Opening: 14 April - 19.00h

Duration: 14 April - 12 June

Venue: Est_Art - c/La Granja 4 (Pol. Industrial) - 28108 Alcobendas

Discipline: Photography



WHITE BALANCE is an exhibition built in collaboration with the Royal Photographic Society, where a large group of its members bring us closer to a wide variety of photographic approaches: landscape, portrait, documentary, still life, abstraction, ... 16 artists make up this journey through photography.

A balance between colour and B&W, analogue and digital, which will make us enjoy a very photographic spring.

In a more detailed description of each project, we could give the following outlines of the works that can be seen:


Juanjo Albarrán - "Ritual May" - Traditions, festivals, customs and manners of rural Spain outlined through his eyes. A reflection on the celebrations throughout the territory around the evocation of life, a pretext for scrutinising the ways of life of the rural collective, their clinging to tradition in the face of the frenetic advance of an increasingly digitalised culture. A month dotted with rites where paganism and religion intertwine.








 Javier Alonso – "Habana 500" - Black and white where intimacy is captured, time stands still, placing the contrast of 500 years that have passed, although according to the historian and journalist Ciro Bianchi Ross, its history is much older. A poetic capital, with mystery in the origin of its name, but with an important past. A city that has walked between glamour and decadence








Joël Arnaud – "Underground" - Documentary project carried out between 1974 and 1980. While working as a topographer, he was a direct witness to the construction of the section of Line 6 of the Madrid Metro that runs from Pacífico to La Laguna. Combining work and emotion, he tells us about the underground life of a hidden and unknown Madrid, reflecting the life of some anonymous protagonists











Rocío Bueno – "Hilo" - It revolves around motherhood, ambiguities and contradictions tied up through personal reflection, an unravelling to re-spin and naturalise the conflict. As the author says, "Under one mother lives latently another that preceded her and behind her centuries of women before her have marked a way of exercising motherhood conditioned by the role that women should have as a machine for making and caring for children. A motherhood that has been inhabiting women through echoes of the past and cultural guidelines".



 Pío Cabanillas – “Cyan" - The snowdrifts of Mount Denali (Alaska) break up into abstractions that transport us to purity and silence. Cyan, as a symbol of the ethereal, is deeply rooted in the feeling of serenity and melancholy, but with the dichotomy, as a subtractive primary colour, of being an exponent of strength and independence.








Angélica de la Llave – "Topophilia" - Embraces the concept of humanist geography developed by Yi Fu Tuan, fusing feeling and place. On this occasion, a single place receives all the affective charge, without alterations, exempt from territoriality, pondering the enveloping capacity of the sensations perceived in that environment. A landscape that combines with the extraction of this connection in photographic strata in the manner of a botanical notebook.







Alberto Holly – "Pepe Kórdoba" - Documentary report that allows us to enter into the life of a character who survives day by day. The street is his stage and his routine is far from the established stereotypes of behaviour. These images are the result of being a direct witness of his world for a month, minimising as much as possible the irruption or contamination of his environment and customs.



Beatriz Polo – "L'illa" - Photographic introspection where the author unravels her insular origin in compositions full of metaphor and intimacy. Through visual narrative she presents us with the self-discovery of her essence through calm. Images found in the natural environment dialogue with personal objects presented in an everyday environment, dealing with the lack of communication, departure, childhood...

"You live in the illusion of believing that you are different but you realise that you are an island."








 Roberto San Eugenio – "Travel notes" - Images found in the course of travels have come together to form a photographic work, not intended to coexist together, but discovered after the analysis of the passage of time and the places travelled. They are a diary of sensations in specific moments, regardless of the geographic enclave; it is not where the feet are, but where the feeling projects that moment lived, which drives the author to want to catch it and give it the power of permanence.







José santos Mingot – "Absence" - Photography stands as a lifeline when life decides to slap its author with an iron and hurtful hand. The shared places, the corners that keep stories stuck to the skin of the memory and the enclaves that were left pending, were translated into therapy through the camera. Capturing the cruel beauty of absence, and reversing it in favour of persevering. Images that give a pinch in the heart when discovering the story they contain.







Ramón Siscart – "White" - White embraces the objects and the symbolism enclosed in them. Metaphorical compositions, impossible pairings, visual surprises, which present the spectator with an enigmatic game of images to tell the author's own stories constructed from moments and internal situations. A target that envelops the conceptuality of the everyday.



 Manuel Valmorisco Martín – "Flor a través" - Macro photography of tiny flowers from the Atacama Desert (Chile), revealing the hidden anatomy of pistils, petals and stems dissected by the light as it passes through them, imbued with a bubbling weft that cuts out and accompanies the sinuosity of colours and shapes.
















Suite Habana Project: 4 views

Antonio Aznar - Carlos Fernández Sánchez - Mª Antonia Gª de la Vega - Isabel Martínez Gordillo

4 looks, 1 same territory.

A visual progression through their 4 cameras guides us through territories that wander through the vitalist colour, the declining splendour, the silenced corners, and the latent humanity of Havana and the island of Cuba.

Carlos Fernández offers us the closest look at the cracks and fissures that impregnate the nooks and crannies of the city with personality, Antonio Aznar blends with the colourful noise of its streets and its people, Isabel Martínez offers us the transit between both sides fusing abandonment and contained life, and Mª Antonia Gª de la Vega preserves through the sobriety of black and white the chinks of a golden age that refuses to succumb to the present





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