David Disoluto

David Disoluto

Art and science...

As an artist, I consider myself the inevitable consequence of all the classic science fiction that has fallen into my hands. From my fascination with worlds where nothing is as expected, where everything is possible, and where any story can be told in a different way. Where the inert serves as the basis to create life and where the future is hopeful.

The goal is for any of my objects to acquire the precise consciousness to be able to get up in the middle of the night to chat with the figure in the living room, walk to the bathroom for an aspirin after a bad day, empty your wallet, disintegrate your partner, or even scold you for those colorful pills hidden on the nightstand...*

To achieve this goal, I make use of all the elements at my disposal: 3D programs, plastic printers, digital photography, copper, wood, motors, chips, software... because in the part of my brain where my objects originate, delirious genetics is a subject, experimentation a dogma, and scientific anarchy a law.

Metropolis, Stanislaw Lem, Dadaism, and joy.

*To this day, I have no evidence that any of these events have not occurred. That is why all my works are accompanied by the corresponding disclaimer of civil responsibility.

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