Jose Luis Serzo

"I still can't believe everything I experienced before entering this bizarre forest. Sometimes, I still wonder where I found the strength to break out from the belly of the sea monster that swallowed me. At this point in the tale, I could confidently say that I had the courage to stare death in the eyes, I lunged at it and crossed its dark and dense body, perhaps, to be reborn again. Yes, I can affirm that I was Reborn. (...) For some reason (perhaps even hypnotic), I decided to enter it, maybe I forgot the dangers it could expose me to. I knew some initiatory stories that unfolded in these mysterious, symbolic landscapes. Many of these stories didn't always end well. Although in all these ambushed journeys, the risk also brought catharsis, a great promise in the end. I knew that in the forests, appearances deceive, or not. What you think can save your life can take it away; what seems to want to kill you can give it to you, and therefore, make you grow." (...)

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