The phrase by Sartre, "Hell is other people" (from "No Exit," 1944), delves into the concept of the influence of others' gazes on one's psyche. It starts from the idea that the gaze of others strips us bare, revealing the reality of our being. This vulnerability leads individuals to feel judged and condemned. In this way, when we see our image reflected in the eyes of others, they return us to the monster in the mirror, confronting us with our dark spots, weaknesses, flaws, and fears.

The piece explores how the gaze of others conditions the construction of one's own identity in a relationship of intersubjectivity. At the same time, it satirizes how big tech companies capitalize on our vulnerabilities by manipulating and feeding this construction. Furthermore, the installation reverses the observer-observed relationship: the viewer, who comes to the gallery with the intention of seeing the exhibition, is confronted with the captured gaze of previous visitors. The moment they decide to interact, they become a part of the installation and will also be observed by future visitors.

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