"Glitch Show" aims to explore the concept of normality and the monstrous in the context of a digital world marked by new technologies, linking the "glitch," an anomaly or distortion of data in digital contexts, with the "freak" imagery.

The title of the video installation, "Glitch Show," alludes to "freak shows," presenting itself as one of these exhibitions of anomalous beings, where various digital phenomena that question the idea of the normative or the monstrous can be seen. To construct the content of the piece, existing material on the internet and material altered through artificial intelligence have been used, with the aim of interrogating AI's perspective on the idea of monsters and beauty. In this way, aspects such as the trivialization of violence or the boundaries of normality in the line that separates the observer from the observed come to the forefront in a video installation that makes the viewer a participant in the show.

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