Through a game of light and shadow, focus and backlight, in an almost theatrical staging, my work is rooted in surrealistic, oniric, symbolic language that launches without filters and without any reason,or reasons, the images that I rescue from the depths of the unconscious. 

Characters as tender as disturbing, in isolated environments and represented in their own existence, they create at times a personal mythology within this unconscious universe. Many of them with an innocent appearance, in a careful glance, reveal to us that child, often wounded, that dwells in all of them. This immediate recognition provokes an interpretation that oscillates between creative sweetness and harmful power in a duality present in nature itself, both beautiful and destructive.

The aesthetic truth of my visual metaphors comes from an intimate truth, always attracted by the emotional world, by my curiosity and restlessness towards the personal universe that nests within us and that acts as a catalyst for the work, as a spring, at the same time, of a cathartic process of its own internal transmutation.

I am self-taught, I do not limit my creation to one technique or another. The itinerary of my production is, to a certain extent, atypical and inverse. I go from a 100% digital work to my current experimentation with traditional techniques in painting, mainly in oil on wood and I take the step to the three dimensions bringing the characters of my universe into Art Toys, Sculpture Toys and sculptures.

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