Gonzalo Díaz Merry

Gonzalo Díaz Merry

My current style could be described as a fusion of pop art with a significant symbolic charge, occasionally leaning towards surrealism. My iconography comprises various cultural and mass media references ingrained in the collective unconscious (brands, characters, objects, or texts) albeit presented out of context to imbue them with fresh meaning through the dialogue created between them. Among these icons, there's a prevalence of references to my childhood or, more recently, to my children's preferences. Additionally, there's often a touch of erotica imbued with a certain innocence.

I aim to stimulate the viewer's imagination by juxtaposing characters out of context and by the apparent incongruity of representation, eliciting conflicting emotions based on the artwork's title and the iconography employed. I seek to evoke childhood memories, draw attraction through the eroticism portrayed in a gaze, reveal beauty in seemingly violent scenes, or invoke laughter through deciphering the contradictions within my works.

Throughout my artistic career, I've been influenced primarily by movements such as surrealism, pop art, pop surrealism, or lowbrow. I continually strive to distort reality and everyday life by blending them with fiction and mass culture, creating a new reality that seems discordant but holds a strong symbolic sense. Over time, my pieces unfold different meanings as they're explored, owing to the interplay between the composition's elements.

In 2013, I initiated the "Madrid Series" project for the "Insight Madrid" collective exhibition held at the Artrip Hotel. In these artworks, I place characters from the collective imagination within easily recognizable spaces and situations from everyday life in Madrid. Snow White relishes a calamari sandwich, Ronald McDonald and Pikachu stroll around Kilometer Zero as tourists, Homer visits the Guernica amidst ruins, Woody and Jessie ride a Vespa in front of the Puerta de Alcalá, among others.

Presently, I am working on the "TXT" series, consisting of pieces where text plays a pivotal role in the composition. I hold a degree in Art History and currently work as a graphic designer.

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