Marian Calvorrey

...One day you start and you don't question why... you just begin and carry on.

... The curiosity, the love, the fear, the knowledge, the learning, the understanding of life, what surrounds us... any detail of this walk can trigger the need to transform the vital experiences into works.

...And all this for what? To understand, to show, to display, to protest, to try to fix life and people, to dream, to reinvent new possibilities, to save the past, to forgive, to reconcile, to contemplate, to thank, to be ... to live.

The pieces I present here are part of a long artistic journey nourished by life experiences, snippets of love and heartbreak, threads of life, experimentation and a lot of female universe. They are a pretext to reflect on human impulses, the same ones we all suffer from.

Holds a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla la Mancha. At present she lives and produces her work in EstudioCulebras.

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