Raquel Lew

From a tablecloth embroidered by my mother (1954) comes this series:

 "From here from there and from my grandmother too". 

The dragons of her tablecloth come to life telling other stories beyond the stitches of the thread. 

Memories, fantasies, dreams of four generations.

Diverse voices that represent a singular and different way of being a woman. 

Women who continue to live in me, in that memory that is not in vain, but is transformed into concrete action because it is with our actions that we give meaning to their lives and ours. 

As time went by, other tablecloths came into my hands, bringing me closer to other stories of sayings and feelings.

Narratives of union and of misunderstandings - traces of what was said and secrets of what was said. 

Traces of what was said and family secrets. 

Presences and absences. 

Gestations and births. 

Departures and journeys. 


Tablecloths with stories

Like life itself

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