Parásitos & fantasmas I. Oil painting, 40 x30 cm

Parásitos & fantasmas I. Oil painting, 40 x30 cm

Adrián Goma

Oil on canvas board.

40 x 30 cm. 

Unique artpiece. 

VAT included


Sometimes I imagine a space that exists beyond the perceptible dimensions; beyond a time that battles in the direction that A space in which circular dimensions would become macroscopic.

Those who dwell there could roam freely through them, like self-constructed orbitals governed not by the here and now, but by the uncertainty principle.

 Perhaps, superfluid condensates with quantum properties that like the gods themselves would be able to see everything. And I imagine what it would be like to be able to talk to them, like so many others before me. It would be like a superfluid condensate with

This project is my letter to the stars, requesting with the utmost politeness, to whoever may receive this  message, to teach me how to see, to perceive the truth of matter and time, of space  and its topography, that they take me by the hand (if such a thing is possible) and show me what perhaps no one, not even myself, is prepared to understand.

Color Predominante
Adrián Goma
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