Políticamente incorrecto (Loco). Oil, 130 x 97 cm.

Roberto González Fernández

Title: Politically Incorrect (Crazy) (2002 - 2003)

Technique: Oil on canvas

Artwork Dimensions: 130 x 97 cm.

Edition: Unique piece

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RGF is acutely aware of how easy it is for others to pigeonhole people into uncomfortable and confined spaces from which it's impossible to escape. That's why, in 2002, he dared to become the protagonist of six controversial, politically incorrect stereotypes, transforming himself into the firsthand sufferer, dealing with all the consequences. He doesn't want to look at these stereotypes from the outside; he wants to feel that oppression. Just as the late Colombian artist Juan Pablo Echeverri did in 2009 with his work Bo Yos, where he dressed up as lesbian stereotypes, RGF's series gives him the opportunity to experience feeling unwanted, geeky. 

This series provides RGF a chance to reflect on concepts that start as purely descriptive but end up taking on a disparaging and pejorative tone. Starting from crude clichés, he expresses a desire to delve into the techniques and processes that lead to pigeonholing, to 'putting people in boxes.' Why, when, and in what way are certain people distanced, labeled as different?

He could have chosen others, but he opts for MORO (Moor), FAT, DWARF, BLACK, SPANISH, and CRAZY. The artist uses allegory and metaphor to represent the character caught between the exterior and interior of a space where some symbolic elements define the stigma that generates social rejection. -A transitional situation that places the person in no man's land and marginalizes them from society as a whole.- According to him, his images need no additional explanation. He prefers the viewer to interpret them from their own perspective.

Color Predominante
Roberto González Fernández
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